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The Readsboro Historical Society has re-connected and we welcome residents and visitors in helping us discover, collect, preserve and communicate the history of our town. We recognized that in order to have a vital community, people that live here have to have a strong sense of community, and one of the ways to do that is to reinforce pride in their home town. We are recaputuring and honoring past acheivements of a rural community. We are preserving artifacts and using these artifacts and their information to reconnect with residents and visitors alike, so they can be active resources in helping our community solve problems. Like most heritage organizations, the Readsboro Historical Society depends on active and engaged membership. We invite Readsboro residents (even those who have moved away) and those interested in the preservation of the town history to join our membership through volunteering and/or financial donations. Without your membership, Readsboro history would be lost. The Society was very active for many, many years with the leadership of Betty Bolognani (30 years) and Prisicilla Thayer (25 years) and many others who have donated their precious time to this community for so long. They now have decided to step aside and let the next generation share their insights and interests in telling and showing the history of their town. They will still remain a valuable asset to the society as they will help guide the new board into the future. The revival of this society stems from the newly formed board; President Alfred Scaia, Vice President Mitchell Holland, Treasurer/Secretary Rhonda Smith, Directors Priscilla Thayer and Sally Ruebesam.